Right now I’m slogging my way through the editing stage on book three – ‘Global Warning Incursion’ which will be released in early 2019.

I’ve always found the editing stage a little easier than getting words down on a blank page (or screen), but to do a good job of it, there’s still a huge list of tasks: checking the whole story runs smoothly from start to finish with no plotting/ character/ timing/ factual errors or inconsistencies, trimming out every unnecessary word, cutting repetition and ensuring the reader can completely occupy the mind of each protagonist. That’s to name but a few.

So I was excited to receive an email from Jericho Writers offering a year’s free membership for an honest review. It would mean getting some tips and advice I could really use to tighten up novel three during this editing stage.

Jericho Writers is a fantastic resource for both new and established writers – I’ve already used much of the founder, Harry Bingham’s, free advice when writing books one and two of the Global Warning Series (each novel lost about 30 pages of superfluous words).

The free advice is great, but the extras offered with membership, costing £30 a month, are well worth the dosh. Extras include a tonne of video courses on writing, getting published, and self-publishing, an ‘online library’ of tips from top-selling authors, publishers and agents, and writer forums where members offer support and advice on each other’s work. For anyone interested in writing a novel, it offers a relatively inexpensive way to learn the craft. For those who have already written a few novels, there is great advice on improving your craft.
So a hearty recommendation from me.

Check it out at https://jerichowriters.com/

Now, I’d best get on with that editing…