Anna Jane Ransome

I’ve written reams of prose since my early years at school, including five novels (the very first about ponies). I love to write, and the latest effort has been my greatest challenge and learning curve – an effort that, at last, has produced a story I think is worth a read.

I recently moved to Nottinghamshire with my husband, although when I wrote Breaking Point, I lived in Wiltshire in a tiny village close to the bleak Salisbury Plain where the wind howls over ancient hill forts and henges. It’s one of the locations in Breaking Point and Fallout; a stormy backdrop where villagers must fight through extensive floods to reach warmth and safety. My travels around Thailand and Europe inspired further settings, and I’ve also drawn from memory for the spin-off novella, Bushfire, set in the Blue Mountains in Australia. A beautiful place of towering pink cliffs and verdant green-blue that can burst into raging inferno as quick as the snap of a twig under a hiker’s boot.

At university, I studied philosophy and writing; the cornerstone for creating novels that explore the continual advancement of artificial intelligence, the way of life that leads to the destruction of our environment, and the shape of morality when we pitch the needs of those we love against a greater good for the wider world.

When I’m not writing thrillers (often on a train, in a local café or old, creaky pub), I’m working for charity, writing bids to raise funds for great causes. Or cycling around the countryside. Or, when the British weather allows, drinking wine and eating hummous in the sunshine, good book in hand.