A thriller about corruption, extreme weather disasters and the chaos unleashed when a mission to slow climate change goes horrifically wrong.

February, 2022. Climate change has accelerated. Across the globe life-threatening natural disasters occur every day. To evacuate in time, people have come to rely on the UN’s extreme weather warning system which uses artificial intelligence to forecast exactly when and where disasters will strike. When the system suffers a devastating cyber-attack, victims are caught up in a huge tsunami in Thailand, floods raging across England, extensive bushfires in Australia and hurricanes in the U.S.

Steph, an environmental scientist, and Ed, an expert in artificial intelligence, are in Thailand when the tsunami hits. They must fight for their lives if they are to unravel the mystery of who – or what – has crashed the world’s most advanced AI system, and to discover the antidote to humankind’s most pressing threat to survival.